Tournament The New Meta Tournament: Won by Pokemonisfun


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Had a lot of trouble in game one against that Abomasnow, I think it can definitely become viable if Scizor is banned but I don't expect it to be that good either.


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All of the follow matches have not been played. Deadline is tomorrow night but I am granting everyone a 3 day extension to play your game or call act. Deadline is 4 June 11:59 pm PST (GMT-8) to get your games done!

spuds4ever vs Possiblypossied
Indigo Plateau vs Poke X
volx757 vs Velcroc
Kairak vs mgsolidus
Amukamara vs Brancus
dahli vs Shaad Skyel
nunoshadow998 vs Funbot28
Stoward vs WeepingDevil
Roginald vs mashonem
RaginCajun366 vs Vortex_23
pulsar512b vs N_Mareanie
houseofcards vs illogicalluxray
Panhandling vs Scizorphobic
-Latios- vs Astr1sk
LordHelix vs TigglyMan
Konthegod vs kerzy-Q

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